Our answers come in quiet, gentle moments. And they always come from within.

I am guided to talk about peace. Not just any peace. The only real peace. Inner peace. When we are so in touch with OUR truth and knowing that life is just easy.

When we breathe into our center and close our eyes we can begin to settle. This is all about just being you. Letting the rest of the world, your world, be what it is. It is saying I accept the world as it is for right now.

We all know that the only thing we can control is our selves. And in truth we can only control how we choose to see and react to the world around us. Ultimately that creates the world we are wanting. Yes! Always what we are wanting. It may not be a conscious choice but we choose our world.

Take a moment and let that sink in. See where it lands. How does it land? Is it uncomfortable to hear? Does it make you curious? Yeah! Just be with that possibility. Breathe in slowly. Feel whatever is showing up for you.

The ironic truth about this is that we are taught to be so neurotic about creating the perfect life. We are taught to fear our thoughts. To fear judging others. To literally make ourselves crazy, running around like a dog chasing his tail, trying to NOT do the wrong thing. It is sad!

Our answers come in quiet, gentle moments. And they always come from within.

We know an answer is right when we feel peace with it.

Consider taking a break from planning. Let your shoulders and mind relax. Sit back. Take a deep slow breath in through your nose. As you blow it out your mouth, slowly, just allow your body to relax. JUST NOTICE! Are there emotions surfacing? Welcome them. Let the tears flow. Let the knot in your throat begin to unwind. Allow yourself to be.

Maybe you can let go of all of your plans and just notice what shows up. You may be surprised at what is really important to you. Let your mind flow. Drink some water. Thank your body for being such a wonderful place for your soul to be.

Be like a child who wakes up every morning amazed and excited to see what is next. And always express gratitude for what shows up.

Before I go it is important to mention seeing yourself through the eyes of your heart. You are love in truth. Ask to begin to see yourself through the eyes of your heart.

Much love and gratitude for you,