I am a natural-born Psychic, Empath, Energy Healer, and Medium



Psychic Medium

As a psychic, I just knew and understood things that made no sense to me. And always had answers even as a child. I remember people asking me how I knew things and I would say “I just do”. As wonderful as that was it meant that there was always someone wanting my help. 

As an Empath, I feel EVERYTHING! I could feel the pain of others but did not know how to turn it off for my own sanity. And it took many years to realize that I was like a sponge. Because of this, I could not stand going into crowds of people. I started to understand it when I went to the mall and left thinking I should not be alive. It was crazy because I was fine when I got there. I began to notice that it was a male voice I heard. I realized then that I needed to learn to close myself off except when I needed to be open.

Prior to this time I truly believed I was crazy. Even attempting to admit myself to a mental health ward. I could not resolve what was not mine and not knowing it was there made it impossible to even see. 

I realized I had the ability to see and resolve issues in others at 8. A friend was over and talking about an upcoming surgery as she held her stomach. I said “Oh I can help you” and proceeded to untie a twist in her stomach area. She was blown away. But had instant relief. I had been doing those things before but never thought about it. I was teased by a sibling and stopped doing this that day.

At the age of 9, a dear friend of mine passed away. He was an older male neighbor. I spoke to him regularly after his passing. I was taken to his open casket where he sat upon the casket above his green body. (the makeup than was not so great). I remember being terrified at the sight of his body in the casket. It took me many years to realize that it was because I knew that was no longer him. 

I came to a place in my life, after many struggles, where I realized I needed to heal from past hurts. The more time I spent doing so the more my abilities came back to front and center. And when my oldest son became ill and I began to pray regularly they became overwhelming.

I have since committed to learning to accept and use those abilities to help others on their paths. I have a deep-seated desire to show others the light within them. And I love the work I do.